Best Time to adopt a dog

If you are looking to adopt a dog you’re probably asking yourself a few questions such as… “Should I adopt a rescue or get a puppy?” “What age dog should I get?” “What type of dog should I get?” To answer these questions we are […]

How to spot skin allergies on your dog

Summer weather is upon us and that means your dog could start showing signs of skin allergies. We are going to go over some symptoms to look out for with skin allergies for dogs.  Types Of Dog Allergies Linked To Their Skin Flea Allergy dermatitis […]

Is it okay to give my dog bones

Most dogs like to chew on bones but what bones are okay to give them? What will happen if they eat the wrong bone? And what should you do after they eat them? Here at Animal Medical Center of Appleton we want to help you […]

The best treats for pet dental care

Spoiling your pet is something all pet owners love to do, but what if there was a way to spoil your pet and make them healthier. Here are the 3 best treats for pet dental care that you can give to your pet.  Veterinary Oral […]

How to prepare for winter dog walks

Even in the cold dogs need to be walked, while there is a temperature that is too cold for them, winter doesn’t have to stop you from walking your dog. There are lots of things you can do to help your dog stay warm on […]

How To Keep Your Pet Safe In Winter

During winter, your pets are more vulnerable to the cold than you think. The cold dry air, as well as the sleet and snow, can make your pets’ paws itchy and flaky, causing them great discomfort during walks. Prevent winter dangers from happening to your […]

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Cat’s are great animals to have in a home but just like teenagers if not fed or cared for enough, they can get “cranky”. Here are a few tips to keep your cat healthy: Find a good diet for your cat The key to a […]